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I Phone 5 officially launches $ 199

Written By hayden on Thursday, 13 September 2012 | 06:54

Apple has officially launched the event screen smart phone is expected most of the year " iPhone 5"

After a few minutes of talking briefly about the Apple Store, with an impressive 83 million unique visitors in the past year, with 7 million copies of the Mountain Lion will be released. Own laptop line Retina Mac book and Mac book Air is still unique in the U.S. market with 27% market share. While the iPad has sold 17 million units last year, bringing the total number of iPad "Apple" released to date to 84 million units, the market share of the iPad war to 68%.

However, Tim Cook is not a product announced the most awaited night, which is said Phil Schiller, Apple's head of marketing.

As expected earlier, Apple's next-generation iPhone called the iPhone 5. Ultra-thin design of only 7.6 mm, the width of the machine remains the same, while the length has been considered expansionary, ultra-light weight of 112 grams, 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S.

iPhone owners 4-inch screen with resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio, 5 rows on the display screen, better support users to watch movies, color stability is also higher than 44%compared to its predecessor. Machine design support 100MB LTE connectivity, dual-band Wi-Fi.

IPhone 5 configuration equipped with A6 processor speed is 2 times faster than the A5 chip be used on the iPhone 4S, and 2 times more powerful than the ability to display graphics, 1GB RAM, built-in memory optional version is 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

IPhone 5 using camera 8 megapixel sensor like the iPhone 4S, but the sensor is 25% smaller than its predecessor. In particular the new version of the camera panorama help mode Panorama, for the amount equal to 28-megapixel photos. 1080p video recording capabilities supported anti-shake ability, show the face 10 and, more specifically, can take pictures as soon as filming, while the front is a 1.3 MP camera with 720p HD video recording ability, works on 3G with iOS 6.

Other specifications, such as audio system includes 3 microphone, noise reduction headphones, supports 5 speakers with 2 speakers in the front area of the iPhone 5 is less than 20%. Cable used to connect 8 pins  be reversed, and less than 80% compared to the old cable.

iPhone 5 to use Nano-SIM, running iOS 6, but the "Apples defect" has not revealed the features of the new operating system.

iPhone 5 equipped with a Li-Po battery provides up to 8 hours use time on 3G networks, 3G web browsing, eight hours when using LTE web browsing, 10 hours when using WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video playback, standby time 225now, and listen to music continuously for 40 hours.

According to the manufacturer said, will take orders iPhone 5 from September 14, and will reach the first customer on September 21 if you live in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong. Next 22 countries will get the iPhone 5 on September 28. Apple also confirmed that side before 2012 is over, it will try to the iPhone 5 to 100 countries and 240 networks worldwide.

IPhone 5 16GB version will have a starting price of $ 199 (about 4.1 million), $ 299 (or 6.2 million) for the 32GB and $ 399 (equal to 8.3 million billion) for the 64GB version. However, all versions of the iPhone 5 have rates above come with a contract period of two years from the network. The machine will have two black and white version.

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